A special thanks to all of our customers, new and current, and friends who have stopped by to visit us at during trade shows and events.

We continue to hone our products to better meet our customers’ needs and concerns.  Consider the following examples:

1) “With the Affordable Care Act, cash pricing will no longer matter”  FALSE – When and how this package is put into place is still a bit of a moving target.  However, depending on your geographic area, the impact to your pharmacy will vary.  Moreover, collectively there
is not a great deal of information on who and what will be covered.  We’ve also heard that some 3rd parties may remove or reduce Rx coverage to compensate for assumed additional costs.   

2) “U&C pricing won’t impact my 3rd party claims” FALSE – All pharmacies experience claims that are reimbursed at their
U&C.  Rx-Net has intuitive products to reduce the number of these occurrences, as well as proactive services that help avoid them
going forward.  If you choose to resubmit the claims or not, our automated services will automatically monitor and adjust your pricing avoid payment at U&C.

3) “I need to compete against [Big pharmacy retailer] and it is killing me” TRUE and FALSE – If you feel you need to compete
against big chains/discount pharmacies in your area, you can do so without sacrificing your overall profitability negatively.  Many pharmacies fall victim to the price match response to a patient complaining that they can get a cheaper price.  We have a proven and effective strategy that will allow you to be more competitive on more popular drugs, and more profit centric on less popular drugs.  The overall result is a more competitive pricing strategy on more popular drugs that is balanced out by a strategic pricing program for less popular ones.    

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 

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