Supported Pharmacy Systems

Rx-Net interfaces directly with your system automatically. We take into account your custom settings, market data, your 3rd party experiences, and acquisition costs* and create a pricing file. The pricing file is then sent to your pharmacy system to be applied.

  • You always have the option to customize your pricing strategy for brands, generics, or individual drugs.
  • The service requires no monthly maintenance from you, and we won't tie up your system for hours per month making adjustments.

Installation is quick and non-invasive, but varies by system. Call for details.

*All services are not available on all systems.

Contact us today for a Free Evaluation

Using your data and our analytics, let us demonstrate the power of a holistic, intuitive, fully automated pricing program.

RxNet will not sell or otherwise make available any information provided to us to any outside entity. The data you provide will only be used to conduct a free evaluation and consultation.

The results of the free evaluation will be shared with you via a web consult hosted by RxNet, Inc.