Pharmacy Customer Price Satisfaction

Reported in Chain Drug Review in September 2017, a JD Power US Pharmacy Study showed a drop in patient pharmacy satisfaction with pricing being a key metric.

While details of the reasoning were not made available, the two most logical contributions to this drop may be:

  1. Pricing inconsistency between staff at one location, or between multiple locations for the same patient filling the same drug.
  2. Perceived price differential between local market retail pharmacies.

Partnering with RxNet will ensure an ongoing sustainable pricing strategy that addresses the above two concerns, among others.  Pharmacies need to satisfy multiple participants in every fill:

  1. The pharmacy (P&L)
  2. The staff (staff should not be compelled to override every cash claim)
  3. The patient
  4. The 3rd party on insurance claims
  5. The market as a whole

Contact RxNet today to discuss your goals and see if we have a customized strategy that works well for your overall plans.

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