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How does Rx-Net differ from other pricing services?

Rx-Net is in a class by itself.  We offer event reporting and market based pricing, like other services, and much more.  In addition to being the only fully automated pricing service available, our service is also fully customizable and doesn’t result in an increase in switch fees.  We go beyond simply pushing data into your system.  Every file we produce takes into account your own pharmacies data, market intelligence from pharmacies all over the country, and undergoes a detailed, time tested analysis.

Beyond the functional differences, our staff’s dedication to treating each customer as a partner with specific needs is a cornerstone priority of our company.


Does “automated” mean giving up control?

Absolutely not.  You have 100% control over your pricing on a per drug basis through our on-line interface, or by giving us a call.  Any changes are saved and auto-updated.


Can I customize my pricing strategy?

Absolutely.  There are no areas of our pricing service that restricts customized input from our pharmacy customers.  In addition to the various custom options, your staff has the ability to override an Rx-Net price at any time for any reason.


What if most of my business is 3rd party, is Rx-Net still effective?

Our current pharmacy client average is 93% 3rd party, 7% cash.  Regardless of your ratio, Rx-Net has a service that can benefit your pharmacy.


Doesn’t just making my U&C’s above AWP solve all my problems?

No. While many pharmacies tend to ignore the cash side of their business, they don’t realize that on a per transaction basis, the profit on a cash sale tends to be much higher than the profit on a 3rd party claim.  By managing U&C prices much higher than market on the cash side the pharmacy is not attracting or retaining price sensitive customers.


Pharmaserv Auto-RX Support Questions

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. How Often is the pricing updated?
    The system automatically contacts our server on the first day of the month before your pharmacy opens.  The pricing files are pulled down and applied before you open for business.

  2. How do I know it has run?
    A message will be on the screen in the morning on your client telling you the files transfer is complete. You can further confirm that the server has completed the task by looking up any popular generic drug in  Pharmaserv.  The last updated field in the drug record will coincide with the first of the current month.

  3. How do I know if it did not run? 
    An error will appear on the client indicating the reason for the failure.  Errors of this nature are infrequent, and can be solved by simply calling us to resolve.

  4. How do I add new drugs for pricing?
    You can add drugs to your system by clicking on the Rx-Net shortcut to FTP Update.  The system will access our server and update the pricing.

  5. How do I change pricing strategies?
    You can change who you want to compete with and the minimum price for brand and generic drugs through the user interface accessed by clicking the Rx-Net icon on your client desktop.

  6. How often can I change pricing strategies?
    You can change as frequently as you wish.  Many new pharmacies start off with the most competitive pricing then gradually increase the pricing as the pharmacy gets established.

  7. Can I override the pricing?
    Yes, at the time of filling the prescription.

  8. Can I control individual drug pricing to reflect the competition
    in my area?
    Yes, you can control the pricing by adding a positive or negative markup in the drug record, use of special pricing and premium pricing add on or subtractions.  This options remain under your control and will not be removed by Rx-Net.

  9. Will it run if my computer is turned off at night?
    No, It will not.  However, you can manually run the update at any time during the day.  The update runs in background with no interference with your prescription processing.


“Thanks to RxNet we can focus our time on patient care and not on managing pricing. Their easy to use program is comprehensive and fully integrated with our system. We’ve seen a measurable decrease in paid at U&C claims, and, even with shrinking reimbursements…..”

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