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Your Fully Automated Prescription Pricing Service Provider

Founded in 1998, Rx-Net, Inc. has set out to revolutionize how pharmacies manage their pricing. Our pricing services automatically interfaces with supported systems adjusting your U&C pricing based on 3rd party reimbursements, acquisition cost, drug popularity, and competitive pricing in your area.

  • Maximize 3rd party reimbursements
  • Effective regardless of cash to 3rd party ratio
  • Fully automated
  • Covers more than 60,000 NDC’s for both brand and generic drugs
  • Enhanced services focus on your own pharmacy’s data
  • Competitive pricing based on your geographic area
  • No switch fees; Price check right from your screen
  • No staff training necessary
  • Pharmacist on staff
  • All package sizes
  • No-risk trial


What Matters Most:
A Comprehensive Pricing Strategy

Priced Based on Popularity

A core component of our Market Based Pricing service allows you to change your overall pricing strategy based on a drug’s popularity in your area. Would you like to be more competitive on the top 35 generics in your area, or manage your class II drugs differently? Rx-Net makes it easy!

Reduce Claims Paid at U&C

ReimbursementGuardTM reviews all of your pharmacies 3rd party claims and automatically adjusts the U&C value on any NDC paid at U&C. We also provide you with comprehensive reporting advising you of any events and the actions taken. Even if you miss a report you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Rx-Net is automatically taking measures on your behalf to ensure the reduction of claims paid at U&C.

Increase Margins

A complex goal for any pharmacy, increasing profit is a product of effective cash pricing, patient volume, 3rd party reimbursements, and protective positioning relative to your cost. Most pharmacies don’t realize that their system will warn them if they’re dispensing below cost, but not if they’re dispensing too low above cost. Rx-Net delivers in all areas.

Improve Price Consistency

All of the Rx-Net services are designed to take into account the individual pricing goals of each pharmacy and deliver a comprehensive pricing program to your staff and patients. Regardless if you have more than one pharmacy or a single pharmacy, Rx-Net will ensure that your patients receive consistent pricing.

Market Based Pricing

Rx-Net market driven pricing service tracks the top 60,000 – 70,000 NDC’s in your area on a monthly basis, segmenting the data into the following categories: Chain, Mass Merchant, and Independent pharmacies. This service allows you to choose a different pricing approach for brand and generic drugs.

Avoid Pricing Below Cost

AcquisitionGuardTM automatically reviews your acquisition costs and compares them to the U&C amount on all dispensed drugs in your pharmacy. The service allows you to set a minimum margin percentage over cost and makes sure that your U&C’s are at or above that percentage.


“Thanks to RxNet we can focus our time on patient care and not on managing pricing. Their easy to use program is comprehensive and fully integrated with our system. We’ve seen a measurable decrease in paid at U&C claims, and, even with shrinking reimbursements…..”

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